Executive Committee

The Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations (CAMFEBA), the organization of employers in Cambodia recognized nationally and internationally, has the pride to announce her Executive Committee members for the new mandate (2018-2020) elected during the Annual General Meeting on August 23nd, 2018 at The Great Duke Hotel, Phnom Penh as in the following:

Oknha Sok Piseth, President
H.E. Bretton G. Sciaroni          
Oknha Sok Piseth

Piseth Sok is the CEO & Founder of G Gear Co .. , Ltd and the Vice Chairman of Cambodia Chamber of            Commerce. Piseth is also the immediate past president of Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia (YEAC). With his experience as the president of YEAC for 4 years, He is once among the active young entrepreneurs in Cambodian business community to support the building of entrepreneurship ecosystem. He is also active in the dialogue with government policies and join a lot of international conferences. Piseth has founded Toys & Me in 2007 after he has wined the bronze medal from McKinsey Business Plan competition which organized by the National University of Management. He served as the Managing Director by himself to operate this retail toys business for 4 years before he has founded Biz Solution Co., Ltd and G Gear Co., Ltd in 2011. 

Currently, Piseth serves as the CEO of the G Gear Co., Ltd which is the distributor of LG Electronics and he has expanse business to mechanical and electrical for the commercial air conditions and elevators. Currently, G Gear have 6 branches across the big city of Cambodia. With his endeavor, he has been awarded the ASEAN Business Award in 2015 in Malaysia. 

Beside from what he is doing above, he is also the member of ASEAN Business Advisory Member (ABAC) which has been nominated by Cambodia's ASEAN Economics Minister in December 2014. Piseth has graduated his Master of Business from Charles Sturt University in 2016, Australia.











Oknha Dr. Nang Sothy, Vice President


Oknha Dr. Nang Sothy          
Oknha Dr.Nang Sothy
Vice President    
Oknha Sothy is one of the prominent and most advocated businessmen in Cambodia since the 1990s when the country started embracing free market and held its first democratic election in many decades.

In an impressive resume, Oknha Sothy currently is the co-chair of Industrial Relations working group, one of the most active government-private sector joint working groups under the well-known Government-Private Sector Forum. His advocacy for healthy, productive and friendly labor relations, particular in Cambodia’s export-dominated garment sector, has been             tenacious since his election to lead this working group in 2008.

He is also the Secretary General of the executive committee of Phnom Penh Chamber of Commerce (PPCC) since 2006, in addition to his prolific run as Director-General of the PPCC from 2001 to 2006.

On the business side, he heads a number of local and joint venture companies including Malaysian Royal Phosphate Limited and Thy holding Group among other.

Oknha Nang Sothy speaks Khmer, French, and English and has communicable knowledge of Thai and Vietnamese.



Mr. Sar Kinal, Vice President


Mr. Matthew Rendall          
Mr. Sar Kinal
Vice President     

Mr. Sar Kinal is currently served as Vice President of the Cambodian Federation of Employers (CAMFEBA) and the Chairman and Managing Director of Aplus Consulting Co., Ltd, arguably the largest manpower outsourcing company in Cambodia. He is also a Vice-President of Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia (YEAC). He is also a co-founder and a Board of Director for Cambodia-Japan Association for Business and Investment (CJBI). Due to his passion for people development, he used to be a part-time lecturer at leading Universities in Cambodia. Prior to joining Aplus, after winning the provincial first-place outstanding award for Khmer Literature of all high school graduates at Kratie Province, he was well recognized and offered an opportunity to work as a trainee and assistant under the direct supervision of His Excellency Chairman of the National Accounting Council Since October 2003 and work as government officer.Kinal was in charge of direct support for daily office work to the Chairman and was also appointed to support the World Bank consultants in supporting the project funded called “Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSC)”. He is a co-founder and president of the Association of Kratie Students supporting hundreds of poor students from his hometown to pursue their undergraduate studies in Phnom Penh. Kinal holds a Master of Business Administration from South Korea, and Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting.







Ms. Sandra DÁMICO, Vice President


Ms. Sandra D'Amico          
Ms. Sandra D'Amico
Vice President  
Ms. Sandra D’Amico is the Founder and Managing Director of HRINC (Cambodia) Co., Ltd              (www.hrinc.com.kh) and BDLINK (Cambodia) Co., Ltd (www.bdlink.com.kh).  She has served on the board of CAMFEBA in various positions since 2005.

Sandra set up HRINC (Cambodia) in 2005 and later set up BDLINK Cambodia, a consulting and market research services firm.  In her professional life, she has worked across a range of topics  including economic development, financial services, de-dollarization, SME, employment and labour market. In 2008, Sandra was awarded the prestigious ASEAN Women Entrepreneur of the Year award under the Women’s Global Summit and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce (VCCI) and in 2010 HRINC received a prestigious HR Leadership Award in Singapore under Employer      Branding Awards.  In 2016, HRINC has been awarded a prestigious recognition of outstanding recruitment awards at the Asian Recruitment Awards. Her offices are today also represented in Myanmar with the aim of helping other Cambodian companies follow suit.

Sandra has contributed significantly to policy and labour affairs in Cambodia as well as at a          regional and global level representing Cambodia and ASEAN employers in the region as well as a regular speaker and representative at the annual International Labour Conference.  Some of her recent achievements include

1.  Conceptualized the Employer Youth Employment Program

2.  Led negotiations for the Trade Union Law in Cambodia

3.  Led negotiations for Minimum Wages in Cambodia

4.  Employers spokesperson for Wages and Working Time Tripartite dialogue in Geneva

5.  Member of the global Industrial Relations Working group

6.  Member of the global employers ILO supervisory mechanism review



Mr. Sok Lor, Vice President


Mr. Sok Lor          
Mr. Sok Lor 
Vice President   

Sok Lor is Founder and Managing Director of Sok Xing & Hwang law and policy firm. Mr. Sok has over 15 years of legal and executive experience in the private and public sectors. He is known for efficient and effective project management and technical skills, depth of industry knowledge, as well as extensive experience in facilitating foreign investments in Cambodia in both labor-intensive and capital-intensive industries. He has advised major corporations and other entities on multi-million US dollars merger and acquisition and other change of control transactions, corporate restructuring, and complex real estate transactions. He has also defended parties in employment related disputes, investigations, arbitration, and litigation, and advising them on methods and procedures to avoid litigation.Prior to founding Sok Xing & Hwang, Mr. Sok was executive director of Arbitration Council Foundation, where he designed and executed multi-million US dollar international development law and private-public partnership projects, including with the EU, ILO, USAID and World Bank.Education: 

•  LL.M, Harvard Law School, Massachusetts, USA 

•  LL.M, Transnational Law and Business University, Seoul, South Korea

•  LL.B, Royal University of Law and Economics, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Membership and affiliations:

•  Vice President, Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations (CAMFEBA) – 2018 – 29 November 2022

•  Chair of Cambodia Chapter, International Section of New York State Bar Association (NYSBA), August 2021 – Present

•  Member, Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia - Active.

•  Member, Private Sector Working Group D on Law, Tax, and Governance, Government-Private Sector Forum (GPS-F), 2021 - Present

•  Member, International Advisory Board of Arbitration Council Foundation, 2015 – 2016

Ms. Sopheap Eng, Vice President


Ms. Eng Sopheap          
Ms. Eng Sopheap 
Vice President  

Sopheap is a Founder and Managing Director of ODI Asia Co., Ltd; a leading consulting firm specialized in Human Resources Management. She has been servicing many companies, NGOs and government institutions on HR issues covering wide range of HR aspects including set up HR Department, develop Policy and Procedures, Talent Management, Succession Planning, Employee Engagement Framework, Strategic HR Business Partnering, Job Evaluation, Pension Fund Development, Reward Strategy, Performance Management, Industrial Relations and many other HR related matters. She has also assisted her clients on various issues involving leadership and management including organization development, organizational performance and alignment, strategic planning, team works, staff motivation, coaching and mentoring.

She has extensive experience working with overseas countries in charges overseas projects in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Bangladesh, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

She is also serving as a board member of Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations (CAMFEBA), the largest business association in Cambodian and recognized locally and internationally. She works closely with other boards on various strategic works with national and international partners to promote the environment for successful business growth and support employers to achieve excellence in business practices. 

She sits in Skill Committees and involves in various projects and activities on Vocational Training and Education both at policy level and technical level. She has been working closely with many ministries, development partners, private sectors, and schools on Skills and TVET. Sopheap is currently serving in several committees and working groups both at national and international levels. She was a member of the Regional Working Group on TVET representing Cambodia in developing and producing a policy document on “Future ASEAN Agenda on TVET”. She was the founder and council member of the ASEAN Future Workforce Council (AFWC). She sits in a Steering Committee of Skill Development Program (TVET-SDP). Moreover, she has involved in many TVET projects including Sectoral Skills Council (SSC) and Skills for Competitiveness (S4C).  



Mr. Kang Leng, Vice President


Mr. Kang Leng
Vice President   

Cambodian born Kang Leng, CEO of ISI GROUP, spent a decade gaining international exposure, experience and education in Singapore and Australia. Leng first studied Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Marketing) and went on to pursue a Master of Commerce (in Organizational Management) both at the University of New South Wales. Afterwards he worked as a Capital Gain Tax Accountant in States Street, Sydney, for two years.Upon his return to Cambodia in 2009 with a passion for entrepreneurship that creates positive impacts and contributions to the society, Leng first joined ISI GROUP as an assistant to the Founder. He became the Managing Director of ISI STEEL, the founding company of ISI GROUP, in 2011 after having successfully transformed various functions such as the Operations, Accounting & Finance, Procurement, Sales and Marketing. He then became CEO of ISI GROUP in 2017, where he sits today.

Under Leng’s leadership, ISI GROUP has transformed from a small, family-run business into a successful and respectable mid-size corporation with clear vision, core values, good corporate governance, and organizational structure. Leng has led ISI GROUP into a number of related diversifications such building material distribution, pre-engineering steel building solution, property development as well as investment into technology start-ups and Cambodia’s iconic F&B brand, Brown Coffee and Bakery to capture the opportunities in the growing economy of Cambodia. He is dedicated to creating positive changes through the work of ISI GROUP and related CSR programs through the KMH Foundation. In recognition of Leng’s contributions, he was awarded Distinguished Private Entrepreneurship Award in 2021 by the Young Entrepreneur Association of Cambodia, and Outstanding Donor Support in Education Award in 2022 by EdTech Asia.








Mr. Antoine FONTAINE, Vice President
Mr. Antoine FONTAINE
Vice President    

Antoine is a founding partner of Bun & Associates, a leading corporate advisory firm based in Phnom Penh.  Admitted to the Paris Bar, and having lived in Cambodia for 23 years, Antoine has developed a reputation as one of the country’s preeminent lawyers. He currently heads the Labor, Insurance, Healthcare and Tax practices at Bun & Associates. Antoine is an active member of the Cambodian business community. He was previously the Chairman of the French Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia and played a key role in the creation of the Eurocham in 2011. He currently holds a number of senior positions at Eurocham, including Secretary-General, Board member in charge of advocacy and Deputy Chairman of the Tax and HR Committees. The Cambodian government has recognized Antoine’s contribution through his membership of Working Group D "Law, Tax and Governance" of the Government Private Sector Forum. 

The CAMFEBA/Eurocham partnership has brought demonstrable benefits to both organizations and owes its genesis to Antoine’s energy and enthusiasm. Over the past 12 months, Antoine has represented CAMFEBA in discussions with ministries, government agencies and other business, sector and umbrella bodies. These meetings have focused on significant public policy, commercial and legal issues, including the Social Protection policy, labor law reform and the development of dispute resolution mechanisms.  











Mr. Arnaud DARC , Vice President


Mr. Arnaud DARC
Vice President 

I am Chairman and CEO of THALIAS Co.,Ltd, one of the leading company in food service. Recently, I was nominated by the Royal Government of Cambodia, as co-chairman of the Government-Private sector Working Group on Tax, Law and Governance. For the past decade, as shown by my various endeavors as president of the French Cambodian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFC), Chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce, President of the Cambodia Restaurant Association, board member of Cambodia Tourism Federation and the Professional Institute for Excellence Association, and member of the National Minimum Wage Council, I have dedicated a lot f my time and energy alongside Cambodian and international business community, to engage with the Royal Government of Cambodia in a constructive dialogue, to develop Cambodia socio-economy outlook.






Ms. Chrea Dalya, Deputy Secretary General


Ms. Moniveark Sou          
Ms. Chrea Dalya
Deputy Secretary General    

Ms. CHREA Dalya is a Board Member of CAMFEBA for the last term and she is the Lawyer, member of the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia and she is the managing director at JURISTOWER LAW GROUP. She was the lawyer/the legal manager attached to the Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations (CAMFEBA) for 5 years. As the Attorney-at-Law/Legal Manager, she is responsible not only for providing the training on labor-related courses, but also the legal consultation to our members on matters relating to Labor Law, Commercial Law, National Social Security Fund (NSSF), and Taxation Law and so on. Furthermore, she is responsible to manage the Legal Department. Prior to attaching herself to CAMFEBA, Ms. Dalya has worked for 8 years with many local and international organizations, where she also provided legal consultation and represented many clients at the courts and Arbitration Council.

Furthermore, she used to work for the Community Legal Education Center-CLEC and a few Law Firms, where she was responsible to provide the legal consultation, legal representation and training on Labour Law. Ms. Dalya obtained the master’s degree of Law from the University of Law and Economic Sciences (Cambodia). She speaks Khmer and English very well and fair in French.



Mrs. Leng Somaly, Treasurer


b somaly-01          
Mrs. Leng Somaly


  1. ACII      - Chartered Insurance Institute, UK
  1. AMII      - Malaysia Insurance Institute, Malaysia
  1. MBA     - Charles Sturt University, Australia


Working Experiences:

20 Years + in Insurance Industry

Claims Management, Operation,

HRM&HRD, Corporate Compliance and Internal Audit.


Community Services:

President, CAMNICA

Vice President, CSU-ACA

International Mentor, WEDU










Mr. Matthew Rendall, Board Member


Mr. Matthew Rendall          
Mr. Matthew Rendall
Board Member    

Matthew Rendall is a Board Member of the Cambodian Federation of Employers (CAMFEBA) and the current Secretary General of the ASEAN Confederation of Employers (ACE).  He has worked with     IOE-EMP on the ASEAN regional FOW program representing the view of the ASEAN Employers. He is also a Senior Partner in SokSiphana & Associates, a member firm of the ZICOLaw network of commercial law firms with offices in all 10 ASEAN countries, where his main areas of practice are labor and property law.  He has been working fulltime in the legal sector in Cambodia since 1994 and was part of the organizing committee which established the national Labor Arbitration Council and was its first appointed Arbitrator.  He has also authored and co-authored several legal texts on Cambodian laws including the 1997 Labor Code.

He currently serves as Vice Chair of Britcham and Eurocham. 






Mr. Song Saran, Board Member


mr. saran-01          
   Mr. Song Saran
Board Member    

Saran is the Co-founder & CEO of the Amru Rice (Cambodia) Co., Ltd has grown its rice export to 40 countries across the globe over 450,000 tons from 2012 to 2021, he created the organic rice production and specialty rice under contract farming business model with over 16,000 farmers family throughout Cambodia. He is elected as the President of Cambodia Rice Federation for the mandate: 2019-2022.

Saran receipted the scholarship and graduated BBA in 2004 and MBA degree from the National University of Management in 2008. Currently, he is studying the Master of International Law at Royal University of Economics and Laws, and PhD in Economics at Royal Academic of Cambodia. He got “Golden Medal Best Entrepreneur Award” from McKinsey & Co in 2006 and “The Takeda Young Entrepreneurship Award 2015” from the Takeda Foundation at Tokyo University. The Winner of the ASEAN AGROW Award 2018, The Country Winner of the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs and ASEAN SME Excellence Award 2018 and awarded the ASEAN Global Leader Program by Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in Shanghai, China in 2019.










Mrs. VAN porphin, Board Member


ms. porphin-01          
  Mrs. VAN porphin
Board Member    

Mrs Porphin Van, is a Cambodian entrepreneur born in 1958 in a well-know business family. She has long experienced in management, labour, human resources and trainings. She started her involvement in textile, apparel, and overall industrial businesses in 1993 and has long been elected as the Executive Committee of Textile, Apparel, Footwear and Travel Goods Association in Cambodia (TAFTAC) for over 15 years. In her job, she actively provides consultations, advices and serves both existing and new investors doing businesses in Cambodia. 

Mrs Van has much experience in garment and textile industry and also helped in human resource development and legal Compliances. She sits in various Working Committee including, Labour Advisory Committee (LAC) and various Working Groups including trade, taxation and trainings. With Khmer, English, French, and Chinese speaking languages, she becomes the key supporter and contributor in her roles and responsibility.










Mr. Mao Savin, Board Member


mr. savin-01          
  Mr. Mao Savin
Board Member    

Savin has been a pioneer in developing venture capital and private equity investments in Cambodia and Laos. He is a founding member of Emerging Markets Investments Advisers (EMIA), a pioneer fund manager managing SME-focused ESG funds with primary targeted investments in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. So far, EMIA’s funds have invested in 20+ companies in these countries in diverse sectors including education, food and beverage, financial sector, agro-processing, hotel and travel, healthcare, and technology.  He is also a Co-Founder of the Cambodia Investor Club (CIC) and Chair of its Investment Committee. CIC is a platform to support entrepreneurs through providing financing solutions, seed, and early-stage capital investments, working capital, and learning and development opportunities for its 600+ members. 

Savin graduated a BBA in Accounting from Maharishi Vedic University, Cambodia and a Master of Business in Finance from Charles Sturt University, Australia and most recently he has graduated an Executive MBA from NUS Business School of the National University of Singapore.










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