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0000To help members to comply with the legal obligations enforced by the Royal Government of Cambodia through the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, Ministry of Commerce, the Council for Development of Cambodia, etc, CAMFEBA provides all compliance services to members with very fast, effective and cost-saving alternative. Being a member of CAMFEBA, you will enjoy another special rate even though the standard rates are already very much lower than the market prices.

A. HR Compliance Services with Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training:

1. Company registration with MoLVT                                                       

Compliance  1

2. Apply for/Revision of the company/ enterprise/ establishment’s Internal Work Rule

3. Quota request (Employment of foreign workers)

4. Shop steward election

5. Apply for Foreign Employment Book/Work Permit

6. Extend foreign Employment Book/Work Permit

 7. Apply for Khmer employment book/work Permit

8. Apply for staff movement in and out                                                                                      compliace 3

9. Apply for health certificate                                                                          

10. Apply for Over-time working (OT)                                                              

11. Apply for driving license for foreigner driving car in Cambodia

12. Apply for employment contract with MoLVT

13. Company registration with NSSF                                                                

14. Apply for payroll book                                                                                     

15. Apply for electronic payroll/payroll transfer to bank

16. Apply for enterprise’s book                                                                                         

 B. Compliance Services with the Ministry of Commerce

1. Business Company’s registration with MoC

 2. Renew the Company certification to new model

 3. Change or update for amendment M&A/legal statute of company

 4. Change address/director/objective/company’s name

 5. Logo confirmation

 6. Register Representative Office/Branch Office

 7. Increase capital of company

 C. Compliance Services with the Ministry of Economy and Finance (tax dept)

 1. Return for holding tax

 2. Prepayment of profit tax

 3. Specific tax on certain merchandises and services

 4. Tax on accommodation, tax for public lighting, and other taxes

 5. Return for value and added tax

 6. Return for tax on salary

D. HR Compliance Services with Legal Issue (Court hearing)

 1. Consultant on labor law

 2. Lawyer 

E. Compliance Services with Councils of Development of Cambodia (CDC)

1. Company's registration with CDC, Company’s registration will be gained as following benefits:

- Protection,

- Incentives,

- Tax,

- Import duty,

In this regard, to facilitate your administrative arrangement, we would like to offer compliance services by subscribing to our service, you are of no concern with administrative issues with legal obligations, will absolutely do you a favor with these affairs and surely serve you as soon as possible with reasonable price.

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