Within the development of economy and investment growth, a number of labour obligations and legislations for the private sectors has been adapted and introduced by the government. Lately, the National Social Security Fund introduced the Implementation of Health Insurance and declare the movement of Pension Fund for the private sectors soon in 2019.

To enhance the process of quota request and work permit for the foreign labour in Cambodia, the Ministry of Labour has introduced the online system for both applications. Also, the Department of Immigration has actively collaborated with the officer of Labour Department to conduct the foreign labour inspection at difference respective companies.

Having seen these significant developments and its consequent impacts to the business, CAMFEBA has initiated to organize an incredible Mid-Year Employer Conference on “The New Development of Labour-Related Legislations and Obligations in Cambodia’’ to highlight the key Implications and Labour Obligations that the employers has to take full responsibility to comply with.

We expect that there will be around 100 to 150 audiences as business owner, CEO, senior management and HR professional from multi industries, SME, government agencies, industry head and will participate in this event


  • An opportunity to clarify the latest update NSSF policies and its implementation and the movement of Pension Fund for the private sector.
  • Listen to the contribution of Ministry of Health in providing services to NSSF members and clarify with the matters around services implementation.
  • Get the latest update on foreign labour applications and the enforcement of foreign labor inspection.
  • Understand the mechanism and how to advocate the employers’ voice on labor related issues.
  • Opportunity to build connection with key government agencies.






08:00am-08:30am Registration
CAMFEBA Secretariat
08:30am-08:35am National Anthem of Kingdom of Cambodia
CAMFEBA Secretariat
08:35am-09:10am Opening Remark
Lok Ouknha Dr. Nang Sothy Vice-President of CAMFEBA
H.E. Dr. Ith Samheng Minister of Labour and Vocational Training
09:10am-09:30am Photo session & Coffee Break
CAMFEBA Secretariat
09:30am-10:00am Presentation: The Employer’s Role in Monitoring the Implementation of NSSF
CAMFEBA Representative
10:00am-10:40am Presentation: The implication of Accident and Healthcare Scheme and 
Key Developments on Pension Fund for Private Sector”
  H.E. Ouk Samvithyea (tbc) Delegate of the Royal Government in charge as 
  Director of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF)
10:40am-11:00am Group discussion and presentation by group of participants
Presentation: The contribution of Ministry of Health in providing 
  healthcare & treatment services to NSSF members”
  Ministry of Health Representative 
11:00pm-12:20pm Panel Discussion 
  H.E. Ouk Samvithyea
  Lok Ouknha Dr. Nang Sothy
  Rep of Ministry of Health
12:20pm-13:30pm Break & Lunch 
CAMFEBA Secretariat
13:30pm-13:50pm Experience sharing around the implementation of foreign 
  work permit and foreign Labour Inspection
  CAMFEBA Member Representative
13:50pm-14:30pm Presentation: Strategic Policy and key reforms around educating and enhancing the
  obligation of work permit application and foreign Labour inspection”
  H.E Seng Sakda (tbc) Delegate of the Royal Government in charge as 
  Director of General Department of MoLVT 
14:30pm-15:00pm Presentation: The contribution of General Department of Immigration in 
  enhancing the foreign work permit application and Inspection
  H.E Representative of General Department of Immigration
15:00pm-15:15pm Coffee Break
  CAMFEBA Secretariat 
15:15pm-16:30pm Penal Discussion Q & A 
  H.E Seng Sakda
  H.E Rep of General Department of Immigration
  CAMFEBA Member
 16:30pm-16:50pm Evaluation Photo Session & Closing  
  CAMFEBA Secretariat 
Note: This agenda is subject to change if necessary.  
+ The fee excludes any taxes.
+ Settle payment at the registration desk, save 10$ more.
+ The cancellation is acceptable at no fee charge if made one day before event.
+ You shall be charged if you do not appear without prior cancellation.
+ The discussion will be in Kh and Eng.
+ $75/person for CAMFEBA’s members
+ $105/person for non-members

   Inclusive:Lunch, refreshment and materials.

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