Apprentices are those who have entered into an apprenticeship contract with an employer or artisan who has contracted to teach or use someone to teach the apprentice his occupation; and in return, the apprentice has to work for the employer according to the conditions and term of the contract. (Section 1 Article 8, Cambodian Labour Law). According to ministry's prakas, any companies with more than 60 workers, the following is the required quota proportional to the company’s total workforce: (1) 10%, for enterprises that employ between 60 to 200 workers; (2) 8%, for enterprises that employ between 201 to 500 workers; and (3) an additional 4% for every further 500 workers at enterprises that employ more than 501 workers, provided that a maximum of 110 apprentices may be trained by a company in one year. The British Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia in cooperation with Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations (CAMFEBA) are hosting a breakfast briefing about the potential implementation of apprenticeships in Cambodia. You will learn the overview, legal obligation and policy reforms on apprenticeship in Cambodia follow by thepanel discussion to reveal your thought and doubts with our keynote speakers and panelists.

With the endorsement of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) by the UN Human Rights Council in June 2011, there is now a general consensus on the respective roles and responsibilities of governments and companies with regard to business and human rights.




07:30 - 08:10 Breakfast and Registration

BritCham & CAMFEBA
08:10 - 08:15 Opening Remarks

Mr. Trevor Sworn

Chairman of BritCham

Board Member of CAMFEBA 
08:15 - 08:30 Apprenticeship Overview

Mr. Trevor Sworn
08:30 - 08:45 Global Quality Apprenticeships and other initiatives that ILO is running

Mr. Julien Magnat

Skills & Employability Specialist ILO
08:45 - 09:00 Legal Obligation under the labour law and how employer- 

work with the government in promoting apprenticeship program
  Ms. Eng Sopheap
  Secretary General, CAMFEBA
09:00 - 09:15 Experience sharing from Don Bosco around the implementation of
  dual training approaches
  Mr. Fr. Roel Soto
  Rector, Don Bosco Cambodia
09:15 - 10:00  Panel Discussion on Future Apprenticeship
  Mr. Trevor Sworn
  Ms. Eng Sopheap
  Mr. Julien Magnat 
  Mr. Fr. Roel Soto
10:00 - Closing Remark and Networking

Mr. Trevor Sworn
+ $20 for members of CAMFEBA
+ $30 for non-member

   * Fee excludes any taxes.

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Trevor Sworn    Eng Sopheap
Director of Enduring Consultancy   Secretary General of CAMFEBA
Trevor Sworn

Trevor has resided in Cambodia for more than 20 years. Currently, Director of Enduring Consultancy, specialising in education, skills, employment and business development.

He has an MA in International Business Management focusing on the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution in Cambodia.

Trevor has founded and established 9 businesses and 1 non-profit in Cambodia and a family charitable foundation in England. He is active on the boards of 2 non-profit organisations and on the board of CAMFEBA focusing on skills and employment in Cambodia and ASEAN.

He has been a member of BritCham since 2006 and on the Board since 2014, currently serving as Chair.

Eng Sopheap

Sopheap is a young, inspiring and engaging leader who has proven leadership records with international company, locally and internationally recognized by her colleagues and top management of British American Tobacco for her leadership style contributing to the effective employee engagement strategy of the company.

She is currently a Managing Director of ODI Asia Co., Ltd; a leading consulting firm specialized in Human Resources Management. She has been servicing many companies, NGOs and government institutions on HR issues covering wide range of HR aspects including set up HR Department, develop Policy and Procedures, Talent Management, Succession Planning, Employee Engagement Framework, Strategic HR Business Partnering, Job Evaluation, Pension Fund Development, Reward Strategy, Performance Management, Industrial Relations and many other HR related matters. She has also assisted her clients on various issues involving leadership and management including organization development, organizational performance and alignment, strategic planning, team works, staff motivation, coaching and mentoring.

Sopheap has extensive experience working with overseas countries in charges overseas projects in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Bangladesh, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

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Fr. Roel Soto    Julien Magnat
Rector of Don Bosco Cambodia   Skills & Employability Specialist of ILO

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