The Royal Government of Cambodia has placed Social Protection at the core of its priorities.With such strong commitment, the NSSF proposed a new draft law on social security, include employment injury, health insurance, pension, unemployment and disability schemes, to cover the employee under public sector and private sectors.

The Social Security Protection Law moves fast

The Pension Scheme would be implemented by 2020

A number of consultation of the draft law has been organized within the government domains, however, the consultation with employers and social partners were limited due to the time pressured by the government to move forward as quick as possible. The new law is likely present new features and challenges of the contribution to additional social security schemes that would span across business sectors.


  • The principle of social security, best practices and lessons learned from countries in the region related to Pension Scheme and how it works.
  • Employers' roles in the operation and management of the system.
  • Main features and provisions under the current draft regulations.
  • High-level assessments on the potential impacts of the new law on the business operations in Cambodia, and how we should prepare for the implementation.

Draft Law on Social Security 2019-EN

Draft Law on Social Security 2019-KH

Presentation by Speakers


08:00-08:30          Registration (Video and Info. Pack of the NSSF)- tbc
Objectives of the workshop By: ILO & CAMFEBA ‘s representatives

- Mr. Nuno Cunha , ILO's Senior Social Security Specialist

- Mr. Van Sou Ieng , President of CAMFEBA

MC: Mr. Tep Sophoan, CAMFEBA’s General Manager
Introduction to Social Protection (best practices and lessons learned from the region/neighboring countries

By: Mr. Nuno Cunha, Senior Social Protection Specialist, ILO Decent Work Support Team for East and Southeast Asia
09:30-10:00   The design of Cambodia pension scheme for private sector employees 

By: Mr. Nuno Cunha, Senior Social Protection Specialist, ILO Decent Work Support Team for East and Southeast Asia
Coffee break
Cambodia Social Protection Law movement

By: Mr. Keat Putnarith, Director of Pension Division of NSSF
Roles of employers in social security system?

By: Mr. Lee Dong Eung, Employer Specialist, ILO Decent Work Support Team for East and Southeast Asia
Opened discussion with participants


- Mr. Van Sou Ieng

- Ms. Sandra D’Amico

- Ms. Nuno Cunha


- Mr. Lee Dong Eung

Moderator:   Mr. Finn Koh

Note: Finn Koh will develop a Live survey for participants during the discussion
Closing & Lunch 
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+ The discussion will be in English (translation to Khmer provided)
+ The cancellation is acceptable at no fee charge if made one day before event.
+ $25 for member
+ $35 for non-member
 Inclusive: learning materials, lunch and refreshment

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Mr. Van Sou Ieng    Ms. Sandra D'Amico
President of CAMFEBA   Vice President of CAMFEBA
Oknha Van Sou Ieng

He is the President of Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations (CAMFEBA) which represents all sectors of businesses including garment, shoes, hotel, construction, property developers and other business associations. .

He is also Chairman of the Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC) since its inception in 1995. Garment and shoes exports account for around 75% of Cambodia’s total export, and the sector contributes close to 20% of the country’s GDP.

Mr. Van is also a Member of ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ABAC), and Member of ASEAN Federation of Textile Industries (AFTEX).

Mr. Van also works closely with the government, representing the voices of the private sector in several committees. He is the Vice Chairman of National Training Board (NTB); Co-chair of the Government-Private Sector Working Group: the 7th Working Group dealing with Export Processing and Trade Facilitation; a Member of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Board; a member of the Committee on the Review of Cambodia’s Implementation of the UN Convention on Anti-Corruption Law; a member of the Inception Committee of the National Commercial Arbitration NAC.

As a businessman, his business portfolio includes insurance, garment, retails, country club, hotel, to restaurant businesses.

Ms. Sandra D’Amico

Ms. Sandra D’Amico is the Founder and Managing Director of HRINC (Cambodia) Co., Ltd ( and BDLINK (Cambodia) Co., Ltd ( She has served on the board of CAMFEBA in various positions since 2005.

Sandra set up HRINC (Cambodia) in 2005 and later set up BDLINK Cambodia, a consulting and market research services firm. In her professional life, she has worked across a range of topics including economic development, financial services, de-dollarization, SME, employment and labour market. In 2008, Sandra was awarded the prestigious ASEAN Women Entrepreneur of the Year award under the Women’s Global Summit and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce (VCCI) and in 2010 HRINC received a prestigious HR Leadership Award in Singapore under Employer Branding Awards. In 2016, HRINC has been awarded a prestigious recognition of outstanding recruitment awards at the Asian Recruitment Awards. Her offices are today also represented in Myanmar with the aim of helping other Cambodian companies follow suit.

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Country Manager, Zuellig Pharma   ILO's Senior Employer’s Specialist Regional Office, Bangkok


Mr. Dong Eung Lee

Mr. Dong Eung Lee is the Senior Advisor, the Korea Employers Federation(KEF) since August 2018

Director-General, Korea Employers Federation until August 2018. Concurrently

  • Employer representative of the National Labour Relations Commission since 2007
  • Employer representative of the Minimum Wage Council since 2009
  • Board Member of the Korea Labour, Employment, Industrial Relations Association since 2006
  • Board Member of the Korean Labour Economics Association since 2006
  • Member of the National Pension Fund Management Committee of the National Pension Service 2011-2015
  • Board member of the National Health Insurance Service since 2015
  • Board member of the Korea Workers’ Compensation & Welfare Service since 2015
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Mr. Nuno Cunha    Mr. Finn Koh
ILO Senior Specialist on Social Protection   ILO Consultant
Mr. Nuno Cunha


Mr. Finn Koh

Finn is a director with Data Pi Private Limited, a digital and data consultancy firm that helps SMEs in Southeast Asia leverage on internal, external data and advanced analytics to make data-driven business decisions. He is also an independent consultant for the ILO where he is advising on matters of technology and capacity building for social protection organisation like Cambodian National Social Security Fund.

He is a subject matter expert for projects involving industry 4.0, data analytics, monitoring and evaluation, social protection and e-government. For leisure, he enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and is a proud "pawrent" of an adopted street dog.

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Mr. Keat Putnarith    None
Director of Pension Division of NSSF  
Mr. Keat Putnarith

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