CEO Lunch

The Law on Social Security moves fast:

Any Impacts on Employers and Businesses

in Cambodia?

14th June 2018 | Venue: Raffles Le Royal Hotel


Against the backdrop of fast-developing labor and social policies, a new draft Law on Social Security is being proposed by Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training. Unlike the social security schemes established under Law on Social Security Schemes (2002), the proposed draft Law on Social Security intends to establish a broader scope of social security coverage, in terms of both persons to be covered and the types of social security schemes.

Persons to be covered by the draft Law will be not only persons under the private sector, but also persons in the public sector and self-employed persons. The social security system will include not only employment injury, health insurance, and pension, but also unemployment and disability schemes.

Although still under construction, if enacted in its present form, the new law is likely present new challenges with regard to the contribution to additional social security schemes that would span across not only the labor intensive industries but also the rest of the business sectors. Given the quick pace of development of this law, it is essential that employers and businesses become informed, provide views and input on the draft law, and prepared for the implementation of the law when adopted.


This CEO Lunch Event will bring together experts and professionals directly involved in the consultation on the Draft Law on Social Security, including CAMFEBA, Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC) and ILO Specialist and Consultant, to provide briefing to you and obtain your views and input on:

  • Main features and provisions of the draft Law of Social Security, and what have differed from the Law on Social Security Scheme of 2002
  • Potential impacts of the new law, if/when adopted, on employers and businesses in Cambodia
  • How CAMFEBA has advocated and will advocate for the private sector with regard to the draft Law, and how your views and input will be conveyed to Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training.




11:00-11:30 Registration and Guest arrival
CAMFEBA Secretariat
11:30-11:40 Welcome Remarks by Oknha Dr. Nang Sothy
Vice President of CAMFEBA
11:40-12:10 Presentation on Draft Law on Social Security
Mr. Kong Phallak ILO National Consultant
12:10-12:30 ILO’s preview on the key impact of draft law
Mr. Nuno Cunha ILO Senior Specialist on Social Protection
12:30-12:50 Invite participants to take the food
  Table of panelist is ready on the stage 
  CAMFEBA Secretariat
12:50-14:00 Panel Discussion and Q and A
  + Panelists will be quickly invited on stage to chair the discussion.
  Moderator: Mr. Sok Lor, SG of CAMFEBA
Oknha Dr. Nang Sothy
  Mr. Kaing Monika
  Mr. Nuno Cunha
  Mr. Kong Phallak
14:00- Closing
  + Mr. Sok Lor gives conclusion for some key actions to carry forward then close.
CAMFEBA Secretariat
+ The fee excludes any taxes.
+ Save 5$ more if make payment at the registration desk.
+ Reserve your seat by 13th June 2018 at the latest.
+ The cancellation is acceptable at no fee charge if made before 13th June 2018.
+ You shall be charged if you do not appear without prior cancellation.
+ The discussion will be in English !
+ $25 members of CAMFEBA
+ $35 non-members

   The price includes materials and lunch

    Mr. Yung Rothmuney
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    085 777 502 | 023 23 00 23/22
Oknha Nang Sothy   Mrsoklor.png 
Oknha Nang Sothy    Mr. Sok Lar
Vice President of CAMFEBA   Secretary General
Oknha Sothy is one of the prominent and most advocated businessmen in Cambodia since the 1990s when the ....   Mr. Sok Lor serves a Member / Secretary General of the Executive Board of Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations.....
Oknha Nang Sothy

Oknha Sothy is one of the prominent and most advocated businessmen in Cambodia since the 1990s when the country started embracing free market and held its first democratic election in many decades.

In an impressive resume, Oknha Sothy currently is the co-chair of Industrial Relations working group, one of the most active government-private sector joint working groups under the well-known Government-Private Sector Forum. His advocacy for healthy, productive and friendly labor relations, particular in Cambodia’s export-dominated garment sector, has been tenacious since his election to lead this working group in 2008.

He is also the Secretary General of the executive committee of Phnom Penh Chamber of Commerce (PPCC) since 2006, in addition to his prolific run as Director-General of the PPCC from 2001 to 2006.

On the business side, he heads a number of local and joint venture companies including Malaysian Royal Phosphate Limited and Thy holding Group among other.

Oknha Nang Sothy speaks Khmer, French, and English and has communicable knowledge of Thai and Vietnamese.

Mr. Sok Lor

Mr. Sok Lor serves a Member / Secretary General of the Executive Board of Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations.

Mr. Sok is Managing Director of Sok Xing and Hwang law and policy firm. He has over 10 years of legal and executive experience in the private and public sectors. A recognized leader in labor and employment laws, he is called on by government to provide counsel on legal and policy issues at the intersection of labor market governance, economic legislations, and national investment promotion. He has mediated and helped enterprises and their employees settle some of the most complex and high-profile industrial conflicts in addition to having managed a broad range of M and A and project financing deals.

Before founding Sok Xing and Hwang, Mr. Sok was executive director of the Arbitration Council Foundation. As executive director, he designed and executed a diversity of international development law programs and private-public partnership projects, including with Sida, SDC, USAID and World Bank.

A member of the Cambodian bar association, Mr. Sok holds an LL.M degree from Harvard Law School, USA and an LL.B from Royal University of Law and Economics, Cambodia.

Mr. Nuno Cunha   Mr Monika
Mr. Nuno Cunha    Mr. Kaing Monika
ILO Senior Specialist on Social Protection   Deputy SG of GMAC
Mr. Kong Phallak    
Mr. Kong Phallak     
ILO National Consultant    

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