on 23-24 November 2021, the ILO has held a Visioning Workshop on Social Security among all the key representatives from GS-NSPC, NSSF, MoH, CAMFEBA, representatives from worker unions and from development partners supporting Social Security and UHC, such as WHO, EU, GIZ, and OXFAM. This retreat aims to improve communication and foster collaborative relationship between GSNSPC and NSSF. On the first day, the workshop will focus on pertinent issues that were highlighted in the first visioning retreat, notably leveraging on the first draft of the common vision and guiding principles developed in the first workshop, refining it with a broader set of stakeholders and outline concrete actions and milestones how this common vision can be achieved. On the second day, the workshop will dive in deeper on the UHC Roadmap and the role of strategic purchasing. This discussion is timing for various reasons: The COVID-19 crisis has revealed the significant gaps in social health protection in Cambodia, as only 30% of the population is currently covered under a social health protection scheme. This contributed to creating a momentum for a comprehensive reform of the health sector to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in 2030. Currently, the General Secretariat for the National Social Protection Council (GS NSPC) is drafting a roadmap on achieving Universal Health Coverage in Cambodia. CAMFEBA share a common view together with the Unions to have a tripartite control on qualifying and mentoring suppliers and potentially to manage procurement in order to purchase medicines, vaccines, medical devices, to get a better price and to use them in our NSSF qualified healthcare network of providers. The idea is to ensure a fair and transparent selection of products and suppliers based only on price and quality and to avoid any kind of non-transparent selection process.


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